Student Stories

Student Success Stories

Ganga Ashwin Student Testimony

So far my experience at IUSV has been one filled with personal growth. The courses are definitely challenging and I find myself enjoying the homework assignments which have helped me grasp the material discussed in the online lecture via skype and email. The professors are very knowledgeable and devoted to teaching and coaching individually. You can ask any questions or discuss almost anything, and they are so patient to repeat their explanations again and again until you truly get it. I know that by the time of graduation I will be competent to strengthen my professional career.
-Ganga Ashwin is an MBA student at IUSV

Raphael SarimanStudent Testimony

I have chosen for IUSV for my DBA study because of their mainly online, flexible and individual program. Although my journey may take longer than most, it allowed me the opportunity to work and earn the higher degree I desired. Juggling work and school has been difficult at times, but for the most part the process is smooth with the flexibility and understanding of my professors and employer. Getting a DBA degree provides me with a competitive edge over other employees and is an added benefit for promotion considerations. I am very happy I made the decision to attend IUSV. With great, knowledgeable professors, I am able to look at problems more critically and apply these skills in the workplace.

Suniel Rampadarath Graduate Testimony

Working in an IT environment for many years made me realize my interest in pursuing a higher degree. However, going to school and physically attending class every day was not possible for me because I need to support my family with my current job. Technological University of the Americas made it possible for me to study online effectively, meeting my instructors via skype bi-weekly and being coached by them individually. Another aspect of the degree that appealed to me was the broad range of courses and the personal attention. Since starting the BSc. program, I have become more familiar with the scientific concepts and analytic methods that I work with. With a BSc. I have not only increased my knowledge, but also become more competent at my job.
-SunielRampadarath is a 2015 BS-IT graduate of IUSV

Anne-Rita Wijdh Graduate Testimony

With a well-balanced mix of courses in both fields, the IUSV program brought to life how leadership and entrepreneurship are aligned. The online scientific classes are up to beat with current research developments and discoveries around the world. Learning the business background is exceptionally useful in my current job in the Oil & Gas industry. The attended online management courses provided a major stepping stone for my career. When I began the MBA at IUSV I suspected the program was a good fit, now I know it is the perfect fit.
-Anne-Rita Wijdh is a 2015 MBA graduate of IUSV