Message from President

Dear Student:

Welcome to Innovation University of Silicon Valley.

Innovation University of Silicon Valley (IUSV) is an institution of higher learning dedicated to providing innovative distance education in technology management and accountancy. Our programs foster these student learning with opportunities to enhance or change careers in a diverse global society. We are committed to general education, a student-centered service and applied scholarship in a practical environment.

IUSV provides you a practice-focused innovative learning experience that separates you from the crowd and transforms your life. We know that your success as a professional or executive depends on your dreams, what you know, and how you apply what you know. We are passionate and committed to improve the quality of your life by delivering top level innovative programs to let you succeed in the global community.

At IUSV, we are committed to the idea that learning is a lifelong process. Congratulations on taking the first step on your path to a lifetime of personal and academic growth.


Prof. Hubert Rampersad, Ph.D.

President, Innovation University of Silicon Valley