It is the policy of the university that the student be provided with adequate library and research resources to complete the degree program in which the student is enrolled. The University depends for library and other learning resources primarily on other institutions’ collections and resources not in possession of the University. The student must secure rights to use information at a local academic or research library in their locale.

Innovation University of Silicon Valley’ Online Library maintains and develops information resources and services that support the education goals of students, faculty, and staff. Through the LIRN core library, you will have access to thousands of e-books and periodicals, including professional, scholarly, and trade journals, and other monographs. Because library skills are an integral part of your academic achievement, guidance on the use of our research tools and resources is available to you through interactions with LIRN staff, video demonstrations, and other instructional aids.

Graduate students are directed to the Association of Research Libraries on the internet at for information about academic libraries in their locale. ARL is a not for profit organization of 123 libraries in North America comprised of the library collections of major state and private universities. The graduate student is required to obtain academic library facilities in or near his/her home locale, and is to complete and return to the University certification that documents such facilities are accessible. The graduate student must obtain a library card from the academic library which will include a fee which is dependent on the libraries’ policy.

Having a library card at the academic library chosen by the graduate student and approved by the University, the student has access to a professional librarian or information specialist experienced in the electronic retrieval of information to provide support for and serve as a resource guide for the student.

There are many no-charge libraries online. Such as the following:

  • Universal Digital Library - The million book collection.
  • Project Gutenberg - More than 20,000 ebooks, audio books, CDs and DVDs.
  • Bartleby - Huge collection of reference, verse, fiction and nonfiction books.
  • Ibibio - Library and digital archive offering ebooks, academic papers, software, music, and streaming radio.
  • Google Books - More than 100,000 books and a fully searchable database.
  • Live Search Books - Thousands of books and a fully searchable database.
  • World Digital Library - Source for manuscripts, rare books, music, films, maps, prints and more in multilingual format.
  • ERIC - World's largest library of digital education literature.
  • Bibliovault - Digital files for more than 12,500 books.
  • Internet Public Library - Books, magazines, newspapers, reference materials and more.

University Sponsored Digital Libraries

  • Online Books - More than 30,000 books from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • The Perseus Digital Library - Tufts University collection of classics and humanities resources.
  • Columbia University Libraries Broad range of text, audio and images from Columbia University.
  • Yale University Library - Wide range of books, abstracts, films, images and more.
  • Brigham Young University Digital Collection - Text, scholarly periodicals, theses and dissertations, audio and images from Brigham Young.
  • Internet Archive,
  • Library of Congress,
  • National Archives,
  • Smithsonian’s Digital Library,
  • Michigan’s eLibrary,
  • New York Public Library,
  • Chicago Public Library,
  • Stanford University’s HighWire,
  • Harvard Library Portal to name a few.

International Digital Libraries

  • The European Library - Audio and printed music, children's literature, academic papers, and much more.
  • National Library of Australia - e-journals, subject guides, pictures and other digital collections.

The University shall document compliance with the policy by having the student provide to the Registrar’s office the following forms:

  • Library and Information Retrieval Resources Form
  • Library Use Authorization Form

Interlibrary Loan

As the student progress in their educational program, they may need to borrow various printed material for other libraries. Each student when they enroll must have a library card from an academic library in their area. If a particular edition is not available at the library in which the student has a library card, they may request that their library borrow the edition from another library. It will be the student’s responsibility to return the borrowed edition to their library on or before the due date to avoid any late penalties. Charges incurred because of overdue or lost items will be the student responsibility to pay.

The following additional open online resources are provided to assist IUSV students with their research.If you have any questions about these resources or about IUSV’s library services in general, email

Search Tools / Directories

  • Google Scholar
  • Creative Commons
  • Worldcat

  • Worldcat, from OCLC, is the world's largest database of library catalogs. It is useful for finding out details about books, including where they are available, and can provide you with the proper citation formats for them.
  • The Internet Public Library

  • A curated list of sites on most topics of interest.

Writing Resources

  • APA Style Guide
  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).

    The Purdue OWL is one of the best resources on academic writing. It contains extensive information on citing sources, grammar, and academic writing style. Highly recommended.
  • Citation Machine

    The Citation Machine is a web service that can generate citations for various sources in academic citation formats such as MLA and APA. It is especially useful for automatically generating citations for Web pages.

Grant Research

Business Libraries

  • IPL2 is a consortium of universities’ library and information schools committed to online support for research and digital information management in various subject areas including business and economics. Click here to access.
  • GlobeEthicsLib (GEL) was launched in 2008 by and offers free access to over 700,000 texts, documents, articles and other resources for academic study. Its focus is “Dialogue, reflection and action for responsible leadership.” Once registered (registration is free), access is given to not only full text documents, but also journals, reference books and eBooks. Click here to access and register online.
  •’s business library provides free and for fee access to an extensive list of business articles and publications.Click here to access.

Free Business eBooks

  • Free Business eBooks: A collection of eBooks available for online reading or downloading in pdf format. A Top 10 listing is provided regularly. Click here to access.
  • Be a Leader for God's Sake: Winston, B. (2002) Be a Leader for God’s Sake-- From Values to Behaviors. A revision of the 1997 edition of ‘Be a Manager for God’s Sake’. Virginia Beach, VA: Regent University School of Business Press. Click here to access this eBook.
  • Clark, S.C. (2007). Redeeming Money: A Conversation. Click here to access this eBook.

General Research Libraries

    JSTOR is a repository of academic journals. It has a free option where individuals are given access to all of its holdings, but limits the number of articles one can read.
  • Open Access Journals

    • The largest directory of open access journals. Includes journals in the health sciences and social sciences.
    • Access Journals
  • The Internet Archive

    Not only does the Internet Archive have a vast archive of Web pages, it contains a great deal of free content, including public domain material, like books from Project Gutenberg.

Additionally, note that many public libraries provide access to academic databases, such as JSTOR and EBSCO, to any patrons who have a library card.

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